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    Sunny furniture package is carefully compiled collection - practical for your personal use and at the same time is an ultimate furniture solution for rental properties as it meets the peculiarities of Bulgarian developments. Nevertheless, not only it is exquisite to the eye, but it is also particular with its high quality and durability. This furnishing range is offered in two veneer colour options - only in maple and in combination between maple and vanilla.
     Generally Sea furniture package is designed in 3 different variations depending on property type: for studio, for one bedroom apartment and for two bedroom apartment. However, this collection is known for its flexibility as you have the advantage to remove or add furnishing items in the same style and color /Please look for items with Ref# starting only with "SN" available in our section "INDIVIDUAL FURNITURE ITEMS"/, making it  suit perfectly to your property.
    Regarding common terms for executing your furniture order we offer:

      We hope that you enjoy looking through Sunny furniture package and invite you to contact our team of design consultants for further information.


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