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To protect your Bulgarian investment and feel safe we offer you affordable insurance of the property itself, its contents and Public Liability Insurance (against 3rd parties if you wish to rent out your apartment).

We can issue insurance certificate on your behalf without being necessary for you to travel to Bulgaria. All paperwork is filled in and organised in our office. Later we will send you your certificate.

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1.Fire, Explosion, thunder, Gathering/transport of fallen materials, aircraft collaps and/or  falling of parts and objects therefrom

 There are covered the material damages resulted from fire, explosion, thunder,  aircraft collapse and/or parts and objects therefrom and any possible costs for fire extinguishing, clearing up of the site (location) and transport of the fallen materials.

Special exceptions:

Besides the General Exceptions (article 10 in the General Terms), the following are not covered:

Theft or vanishment of goods (insured objects) during or after the fire;

Damages caused by earthquakes, volcano eruption or other similar geologic eruption;

That part (or parts) of the electrical/electronic device (machinery) that, because of short circuit, overvoltage, overload, creation of voltaic arc, power loss (leak), overheat, bead operation of the measurement, safety and adjusting devices, has caused or not the fire;

In case of explosion, the item itself that possibly has caused the explosion

Consequent damages caused by lightning, e.g. damages to electric equipment

2.Natural perilsThere are covered those material damages directly caused by accumulation or leaking of rain water and storm and hail.

3.Water leakage as a result of breakage of pipes or installations There are covered those material damages directly caused by break of or leaking from water installation and pipes, heating and refrigeration.

4.Malicious actions of third parties - Covered are material damages resulting from deliberate acts including deliberate explosion resulting in destruction or damages to the insured property. It is agreed that for the risk "Deliberate acts of third parties" applicable shall be a deductible of 10% from the total sum insured for each and every event with minimum BGL 100.

5.Earthquake- Covered shall be all damages directly caused by earthquake the resulting fire and explosion included. It is agreed that applicable shall a deductible of the Insured amounting 2% of the total sum insured for each and every event.

 6.Third party liability in case of fire, explosion, pipe leakage or bursting

Cover shall be provided for the Insured person’s third party liability pursuant to the law for damages caused to third parties, for which he shall be held responsible that is for death, body injuries, or material damages brought about solely by fire, explosion, burst or leak of pipes and water-feeding, heating or refrigerating installations incurred within the insured premises and covered by the insurance contract.

7. Windows breakage

Cover shall be provided for damages due to any cause to exterior windows and mirrors firmly attached within the insured spaces. The damages shall be covered to the amount specified in the insurance policy.

8.Burglary  only for the contents - Cover shall be provided for partial or total burglary of insured goods, as well as for the damages to insured property likely to have been provoked by thieves during perpetration of burglary.

Cover shall also be provided for possible damages to theinsured building and its contents caused by thieves in theirattempt at burglary as mending these damagesmeans expenses burdening the insured person.

Rates and Coverages:



Sum Insured for Home (Euro)

Sum Insured for Contents (Euro) 

Public liability up to 15 000 euros coverage (Euro)

 Final rate of each insurance  package (Euro)

 Studio apartment

 45 000

 4 500



 1-bedroom apartment

 60 000

 6 000



 2-bedroom apartment

 85 000

 8 500



 2-bedroom villa

 105 000

 10 500



 3-bedroom villa

 140 000

 14 000



 4-bedroom villa

 160 000




5-bedroom villa

 180 000

 18 000